Evaluation and Criticism of Online Trading Academy

When you are choosing stock trading education, read the reviews and testimonials!

One of the best locations to receive an education related to day trading and managing the stock market is through Online Trading Academy. Their website is filled with reviews from students about their experience and how they've used the information they learned to manage their own investments. It's becoming less uncommon for individuals close to retirement to manage their own investments instead of relying on a third party to do so, however, it is important that you understand at a minimum the basics of trading stocks. The online and in person courses offered by Online Trading Academy will help you learn what you need to manage your own investments and try and make a solid living on the shifts in the market.

Online Trading Academy is the best place to get a professional trading education. They have online and in-person courses about equities, futures and e-minis, currencies, options, commodities and more. But how good are they really? To find out, read the reviews from current and former students. We have included many of them right here on this website.

Here are a few reasons why we endorse Online Trading Academy:

1. A solid and growing company. During the evaluation of Online Trading Academy or any education center, you should ask, “Will they be around for the long haul?” Unlike smaller, often unstable companies that are here today and gone tomorrow, Online Trading Academy has 36-and-counting physical centers from Dallas to Dubai.  And if a center is not near you, it’s just as easy to take your classes on the web. Check the student reviews and see for yourself.

2. Fast growth to over 24,000 graduates. Starting as a trading room in 1997 that trained students trading its own accounts, Online Trading Academy transformed into an educational institution and opened its first center in Irvine, California in 2001. And now they have 36 centers… that’s rapid expansion. Read the testimonials to find out why Online Trading Academy students like them so much.

3. Awards and accolades. Online Trading Academy is a three-time winner of the FXstreet “Best” Award for educational content, and is currently a finalist for two STAR awards from Traders Planet. Its instructors and traders are frequently featured on such financial channels as CNBC, Bloomberg Television and Fox Business. The organization has relationships with leading exchanges including CME Group, NY Liffe, Singapore Mercantile Exchange and NASDAQ.

4. NASDAQ Content Provider. Online Trading Academy also provides educational web Content & training for NASDAQ TotalView Data. Bill O'Brien, Senior Vice President of Market Data Distribution, NASDAQ quoted in a press release "Online Trading Academy's decision to create TotalView educational materials signifies their commitment to providing traders with the information they need to succeed, and ...their proven excellence in developing educational content makes them an ideal partner to provide information about TotalView on NasdaqTrader.com."

5. BBB Rated. One of the best places to research a company is The Better Business Bureau. We visited their website and did a background check. Better Business Bureau has given an 'A'- Excellent rating to Online Trading Academy. The rating the Bureau assigns a business is determined by a composite score of such factors as its type of business, length of time in business, compliance and a host of other factors. You can read a full report of the company here.

If you add up the evaluations from Online Trading Academy graduates you will get more than enough information to make your own evaluation.

And if you like what you see in the reviews and testimonials, it’s easy to find out more about Online Trading Academy without committing a penny of your own money. They have a free half-day introductory class called the Power Trading Workshop and other free materials on their website. We have included links so you can conveniently sign up for these free resources.  Thank you for reading.

Online Trading Academy Reviews

  • Niamh A

    If you are seriously interested in trading OTA are quite simply the only the best... (Read More)

    29 March 2012
  • Marc W

    This class showed me why I lost 80% of my portfolio cause of making very simple text... (Read More)

    29 March 2012
  • Linda E

    Trading with your own money is very scary and I came to OTA the first time to correct bad trading habits that I had... (Read More)

    19 March 2012
  • Gina C

    Online Trading Academy left me feeling as we had exhausted the subject of matter, investing in stocks. Because of it, I feel more confident in trading... (Read More)

    16 March 2012